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  1. Thanks @Mike Dee That's a good point, we were racing, but only three of us so easy to break away from the other 2. I will test again with a few more drivers and see if I get the same results. The Drivers are set in teams of three so I might allow only the worst driver in the team to pick it, or assign it to the bottom third of the table each race weekend.
  2. Hmmm. My other option is to give the weaker drivers better cars. Anyone got any idea of the top 3 then?
  3. Hey guys I'm starting a little RallyCross event with some mates of mine. Rules have stated that we are using the base game Supercars with no tuning. So far though, in all our test races the Renault Megane wins, regardless of driver. Is the car just overpowered or will the car not perform as well on other tracks? If its overpowered I'm tempted to drop it from the options, but then I'm concerned that one of the other cars will just become the new favourite, am I right? Any advice would be great
  4. Sorry late to the party and someone may have listed this one already but here goes Better Rallycross MP event customisation On PS4 At the moment I can play a single race or a Full Series, but I can do that with 8 friends on ps4! So theres a need to expand the number of players to a private lobby (as I have more than 8 friends wanting to play) and let me set the number of stages in a rallycross event. I only want to play 1 qualifier, or none at all, but I have to do 4!
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