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  1. Same here now, but they also state that it's not a permanent issue which happens sometimes and could be fixed by driver re-install...not sure what they actually found 😝 but i appreciate that both parties have a deeper look 👍
  2. @BarryBL sounds like a plan, thanks 😀 @ManOfTheHour thanks... well, acceptable workaround for the moment - at least better then 360... but damn, i wish i had found out before my race in singapore yesterday 😄
  3. Regarding the lost FFB: My workaround is to disable and re-activate the control schema once. => ffb comes back Regarding the rotation, i didnt find any workaround yet.
  4. I got the same problem with my t-gt base and the sf1000. It keeps resetting to 360 degrees. All other tm wheels (e.g. the open wheel) behave as expected. For this reason i tried to contact the TM support and they replied like they where not able to detect any "malfunctions", further they stated that the rotation is reset by the game (and this behavior should be "normal" - (which is NOT the case)). I'm not sure who is in charge here, but tm as well as codemasters should get things fixed - please.
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