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  1. So Sorry for posting under F1 2019. That was a mistake. Topic is about F1 2020. Hello! Description: Im using telemetry settings with a Dash app on iphone. No problems while using solo modes of the game (Time trial, Grand Prix). Problem starts with multiplayer ranked games. 1. I can enter lobby. 2. I can start and finish qualification. 3. During LOADING screen between qual and race game crashes. Interesting is that it does not happen always. But it does crash more than i can get to race part. It seems that there is no problem if i have turned off telemetry before race. When i turn telemetry settings on while sitting on grid it seems to be working. But i have to turn it off again before next match. So the problem seems to be happening in the loading moment between qual and race only. 1. No error codes displayed, just generic PS5 screen - Something went wrong with this game or app. 2. Version of game 1.18 3. Multiplayer Ranked. (Im yet to test other multiplayer modes.) 4. I cant recreate this problem as it happens maybe 7 out of 10 races. I have tested different telemetry settings with same results. 5. Problem occurs in most of the games. But not all. 6. I have tested multiple different telemetry settings, i have tested PS5 on LAN, WLAN. I have tested 2 different routers. I have created isolated network only for PS5 and iphone with Dash app. 7. Using Thrustmaster T300 racing wheel.