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  1. Look I have no hard feelings towards Codies. I understand why many tracks are outdated but since they have the budget from EA they can start laser scanning tracks now
  2. This issue has been heavily requested over the years and I agree with them. Thus I request you guys at Codies to start laser scanning tracks since you have the extra budget from EA. I know game development is hard, but maybe for F1 2022 and beyond, maybe start laser scanning tracks. You should start with Bahrain first cause you know its the 1st race on the calendar. Maybe you guys can start laser scanning Bahrain for F1 2022 and maybe laser scan other tracks too and maybe release them in free DLCs
  3. I agree but you know you can just change the weather settings in the pause menu.
  4. There is no need for that at all. Sure ABS is a bit debatable, but the top times (excluding hackers) are set by ppl who used no assists at all. Look at most of the top times on the leaderboard on every track, 95% of them are set with no assists. So having a separate leaderboard is completely unnecessary as ppl who used assists will nvr get top 5 or maybe even top 10 on the leaderboard.
  5. Motorsport Manager is fun to play but its quite annoying when you have to use mods to play the F1 experience on that game. And the experience is not realistic enough. For e.g. If your team finishes last in the championship, you get relegated to F2. Tracks are not the real tracks and etc. So Codies, maybe you can consider making an official F1 manager game that is similar to Motorsport Manager. Cause I prefer managing teams and decide strategies and have control over the team than driving for a team itself. If you guys decide to make this type of game, you can take your time on it. Some su
  6. Ok so I recently bought the T80 wheel and pedals and it turns out it dosen't have force feedback available. I downloaded that 1 single driver and that was it, my wheel worked, pedals also worked but fb was absent. So I did some research and it turns out it did not have fb installed in the wheel.
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