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  1. Dear moderators and developers. Just like everyone here, I guess, my patience is becoming scarce. Creating an unwanted bug, okay, those things happen. Keeping a whole bunch of players on the wire for weeks without a solution, not okay (anymore).
  2. Another one to put on to the stack. I'm buggered since patch 1.18, can't play online ranked. Blue screen error CE-34878-0 when playing ranked multiplayer, happening every time after the qualifiers. PS4 1.18 Ranked Wireless Doesn't matter No host This issue happens only to me (and the rest of the people in this thread). Games goes black and to error screen. The problem is happening every single time. Deleted and reinstalled the whole game, no help. Ranked multiplayer - right after finishing qualifiers SBVM-JTHG-THJA-
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