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  1. I' ve done some more digging and dove deeper into the advance settings for input devices. I've made some adjustments to Steering sensitivity, Linearization and saturation. It helps but still not perfect. I can't get rid of the dead zone completely. is there any way to emulate another wheel, with software to work around this issue?
  2. Hi Guys, I know my wheel is not officially supported but I was wondering if anyone has any info that might help me get this working the way I want it to. I'm running a Mac, and it recognizes my wheel and I can use it in other games. However, in F1 2016 as well as Dirt 4, it does not appear to work. Funny thing is, Dirt 4 see's it where F1 2016 does not. But none of the control surfaces work. I did download Enjoyable, which is an application that allows you to log keystrokes to action on your controller. In that form, it does work, but it acts like a digital controller rather the
  3. Good day to all! I've been playing racing games since my parents got our first console. An Atari 5200 super system. Pole Position was the racing game of choice back then. I have been hooked on racing games ever since. Playing games over the course of many consoles, PC's and Mac's. Currently I spend most of my time playing on my iPad. I do also have a Mac, which low and behold, CodeMaster's is the only company that is putting out quality racing games for the Mac OS.
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