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  1. No but people are coming here commenting on all the issues with multiplayer. And you are very quick to disregard their issues and tell em steam is not the problem even though, to OP, and the rest of us, it really is. The length of the 'matches' in this game being part of the reason why it is a problem. As for the question about the frequent issues. Do you at least agree with me that these are big issues and codemasters need to have fixed these before the release of the next game? Or do you think that the game is fine with them being in the game? I mean, come on. we are in agreement
  2. Just out of curiosity, what do YOU think causes the following issues? - lap counter being wrong at the start of races (Start lap 2 'DRS ENABLED' message for spectators) - Driver order being scrambled during lap 1-2-3 for spectators. - Cars clearly crossing the line in front of other cars yet being behind them in the race results. - 4/5 second delay between when spectators see the lights go out and the drivers do (any ai starts driving as soon as the spectators lights go tho) - 2 cars side by side both getting DRS or 2 cars side by side both NOT getting drs - Drivers driving
  3. And if it makes that when steam dies your race dies, Then that is a bad trade of to make. Maybe not that bad if you're playing ranked with 3 other people (2 of which dont brake for turn one) because you wasn't having that much fun anyway But if an hour race gets affected by it, it was a bad tradeoff. Other games do it better. Again: ACC has dedicated servers and doesn't have any of the many issues f1 has online. (Sure it has some minor bugs but... no game breaking things like this) and whatever 'neat' features using steam gives... i don't miss em in games that don't have them
  4. You're talking about companies that want to create a good game. Codemasters just wants to make money, as can be clearly seen from this 1 title a year aproach. Psyonix was so sure their game was good they litteraly gave it away for free when it just came out. just to show it off. and now so many people play it they can live from microtransactions. There is no bigger disparaty in gaming than between games like sea of thieves/rocket league. that put gameplay first, keep developing the game and making it better all the time, And companies like codemasters that are clearly just in i
  5. With ' there is no bug here' i hope you mean with dropping from the lobby when losing connection to steam and not with the game in general.. because there aren't a lot of game with more bugs and issues than this one. But It doesn't matter if this is a bug or not according to your definition. The system (Bugged or not) is flawed and unreliable. The exchange of information between clients is flawed and unreliable. there's countless examples of why this p2p system and not investing in actual servers is the wrong way to go. Online racing in this game is in a very, very bad state with it bein
  6. . Today I turned the game on and it came up with a message saying my save had corrupted and gave me the option of either save or carry on without saving. Saving wouldn't work so I clicked the other option and then the game crashed. After the game crashed I went back into the game but the screen when I first got the game came up and I had to create a new character.

    . Xbox

    . 1.18

    . I was on my team when the message came up

    . I pressed continue without saving I think

    . I tried to shut down the game and Turn off the xbox at the wall. Neither worked.

  7. That makes it even worse tbh. And it doesn't really matter if it's intended if it's game breaking it needs to change. Other games show it aren't technical limitations that have it be like this. It's just unwillingness to go the extra mile to create a system that works. I guess they kinda need to make the game buggy so we all can keep hoping maybe the next one is good..
  8. What do you mean? you get instantly disconnected from a session if you lose connection to steam. Also racenet being down often/**** in general is not an excuse. Other games show that it can be done if priorities are right. And it's very much time for codemasters to get them right. No other game has near the amount of issues that this one has online. and what it comes down to is just codemasters not putting in the effort, and often not even being aware of issues that one would only need to play the games a handful times to find out.
  9. Not online. But i have done endurance racing in iracing and acc with a lot more people than can fit into an f1 lobby without most of the issues that the f1 game has so it's definitely possible yet in this series the ball gets dropped time and time again. I understand dependancies are inevitable but that doesn't make others responsible for the misfunctioning of your game. If you want stuff done well you need to do it yourself. Other games do it. Codemasters keeps cutting corners and paying the price in terms of a horrible multiplayer experience resulting in the game being nowhere wh
  10. You hit the nail on the head. Codemasters should stop being dependant on third parties to have their game working and then hide behind them when their service fails. a 100% race can take over an hour and considering that dropping from a session destroys a race in a heartbeat, there is just no excuse for letting this be a posibility at all. Games like acc and iracing can offer 24 hour races and it's save to say that this would be totally impossible in the f1 game. Those games also offer a lot better multiplayer experience in general so it's not like we're paying a price for somethin
  11. I would certainly hope so.. having the tracks that are actually raced on in the F1 season in the game this time around seems like the least what an officially licensed game should have. I wouldn't even count that under new content. The tracks as they are driven on should be in the game. I just hope this will be more than a reskin with 2021 tracks/liveries and some improved single player, But an improved game that unmakes a lot of past years mistakes and redesigns the multiplayer and penalty systems, adds better replays, more options and overall control before and during races. Those kind
  12. It's not impatience per se! at least not from my part. But as someone hoping that the next game will finally get the multiplayer right, and knowing a lot of people were dissapointed by lasts years multiplayer, I'd have hoped they put more emphasis on that to put people's minds at ease. As well as it's the area where the game has the biggest room for growth now. That and I just don't want to get my hopes up if it will be more of the same. Some more myteam features won't sell the game for me. But new and improved multiplayer modes and an overall smoother experience will.
  13. With all the excitement for yet a new game starting to roll again, and being a bit surprised by the focus of the trailers, I have some non-specific questions about the game that i hope can be answered here. The first one being if F1 2021's improvements will be mainly focused around the single player again like the current game, resulting in a largely disappointing experience for people who bought the game just to play online? Or have big steps been made to make the game a lot better in multiplayer too? The second is a more general question. And it's if this will be a big update in genera
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