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  1. If possible please delete this topic. I have finally found a way to use the function.
  2. Not sure if this question has been asked or not. But will the Aston Martin Safety Car be in the game or a patch later on? I heard multiple rumors or "confirmed" details saying it will be in the game. If not it will be a bit of a disappointment but I will still enjoy the game. Just pre ordered it a month ago and have two days left!
  3. Hey guys. In celebration of F1 2021 being released in a month now from this day, I decided to do a fan illustration of my OC character and the guy we all love to hate, Devon Butler! It's not perfect as I am still working on such as my forms, blending, and a few other things, but hopefully I can do more of these in the future soon. Anyways enough of me rambling, hope you enjoy! I used the official F1 2021 game background. If you guys would like to follow me, my art account on IG is @aeroxarts.
  4. Austria usually puts on a show when it comes to the races, I don't necessarily mind 2 Red Bull Ring races, but I would of loved if they went to Mugello and even Mangy Cours of all places. However, but if there is cost and also restrictions then I can see the reason why.
  5. No Mans Sky. So far a very interesting and technical game.
  6. Good day everyone! I'm not sure if this has been talked about before or not on the forums, but I loved how the older F1 games had the red flag feature when half the field would be yeeted out of the race. I was thinking in future F1 games when there is a serious incident the red flag would be displayed and we would get the option to either drive back into the pits or skip to the pits. During the red flag issue there is a count down clock on when the session would restart and during that period there will be a menu where you can change the strategy of the race. You would also have the optio
  7. Track onboard gives me a bit of Hanoi vibes, and I am not a big fan of racing around that track but I'm just hoping it produces good racing.
  8. Good day everyone! My name is Aaron and it is a pleasure to meet you all! A little bit about myself: I'm currently attending college for Graphic Media Design and Production. I also like anime, aviation, trains, and of course motorsports! I've started to watch F1 since 2014 and I am so glad that I fell in love with this sport! Anyways that all and again its great meeting you all! AH
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