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  1. hi,so i'm hoping that you guys are testing fixes for the online ranked problems? (i haven't read the full thread so apologies if this has already been raised as an issue) the main problem i have is,after finishing a race the game will just move me (and most of the players in the server) into various other servers,its been like this since i got the game on launch day and its extremely frustrating, its now getting to a point where the ranked lobbies are mostly less than half full,i'm guessing folk have just given up playing them until they're fixed? any update on a fix for this @BarryBL ?
  2. hi all,so the last week or so I've been having problems with online ranked servers,it seems that if i join a server mid session and spectate (as is required) 9 times out of 10 i will be switched to a different server, it makes no difference how many players are in the server i join either,anyone else experiencing this at all?
  3. are we any closer to resolving this barry? its getting to a point now where i (and others) will not buy the new game.i haven't been able to this game i purchased with my hard earned money since the 1.18 update and i'm sorry but its just not good enough!!
  4. since patch 1.18 when playing online ranked games i get game crashes when the game transitions to either the qualifying screen or to the race screen,it even happened when i watched a quaily session,the game crashed even before i got to race!! the error code i got was CE-34878-0, i couldn't get the f12020 error code as the game had crashed but this is the code i got on the next start up of the game CJDP-BCHD-PAHG-BASC Ps4 1.18 online raked happens every time i try race online, haven't got past 3 races since the new patch,i will attach a video i join an online ranke
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