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  1. are we any closer to resolving this barry? its getting to a point now where i (and others) will not buy the new game.i haven't been able to this game i purchased with my hard earned money since the 1.18 update and i'm sorry but its just not good enough!!
  2. since patch 1.18 when playing online ranked games i get game crashes when the game transitions to either the qualifying screen or to the race screen,it even happened when i watched a quaily session,the game crashed even before i got to race!! the error code i got was CE-34878-0, i couldn't get the f12020 error code as the game had crashed but this is the code i got on the next start up of the game CJDP-BCHD-PAHG-BASC Ps4 1.18 online raked happens every time i try race online, haven't got past 3 races since the new patch,i will attach a video i join an online ranke
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