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  1. Hi Stevie, I already tried that in one of the first steps. However, I tried the final soluation, a complete wipe of my entire system. This actually fixed it! No clue what the problem was. Thank for all the help
  2. I also disconnected the USB hub in my display, but no luck...
  3. I think the usb hub that shows up is my case. Not really removable. I do use one normally, but have tested without and this report should be without the hub. Edit: Or it could be my display, lmc tonight
  4. Yes, that was one of your instructions in another topic. I did find a couple of topics with the G29 wheel (I have T300) wo had similar problems. They could fix it via the registry (for example https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/g6marl/logitech_g29_inverted_pedals_and_no_ffb/)? Attached is the report. Please let met know if you need a different format from HTML, and thanks for all your help. REPORT.HTM
  5. Yes it works on f1 2020 on another pc. USB ports are populated normally, I used a USB hub for keyboard and mouse, but removed it to test if it works without. No help. T300 is connected to the motherboard, in one of the two USB2 slots. Display also uses a USB port as do the speakers. So I have the following devices connected directly: Keyboard Mouse Display Speakers T300 RS GT (USB 2.0)
  6. Hi Stevie, I just tried it on my old gaming pc, the wheel worked like a charm there. Any suggestion on what I could try to get it going on this new pc? Something seems indeed to be unhappy.
  7. Tried the windows update as well. This is also not helping. Ill try to install the game on an old desktop, see if it is anything related to the wheel hardware.
  8. Thanks for all the help. Firmware and wheel mode are correct, will try the update tonight. I still think it is weird that the wheel works fine in f1 2019 on gamepass, but not in f1 2020 on steam. Arent both games using the same engine
  9. Hi Stevie, it is indeed a very nice PC, basicly the best you could get summer last year. I did update the bios via de MSI website to the latest version. However the problem still exists. Maybe one additional remark is that the default T300 game configuration also thinks I give full gas while not touching the gas pedal (next to gas and brakes being inverted and no ffb). You can remedy this in the settings, but I have the feeling the game still thinks the wheel is a gamepad.
  10. Please see attached. It really feels like steam is interfering with the functionality of the wheel. DxDiag.txt
  11. It feels like the game thinks the wheel is a controller, together with the connectivity problems this seems likely. Swapping the pedals would make them implicitly inverted and doesn't solve the lack of ffb. Already tried this. I will send a dxdiag tonight.
  12. I bought a T300 gt TM wheel this weekend to play F1 2020 and Dirt 2 on pc. I cannot get the wheel to work in F1 2020 (steam), while it is fine in F1 2019 (gamepass) dirt 2 (steam) and forza (gamepass). The problem is slightly variable. Sometimes the game wont detect my wheel at all. sometimes it detects my wheel (mostly after unplugging or a fresh driver install) but then the clutch and gas are inverted, and ffb doesnt work. Sometimes the game also freezes the eintire system when i plug and unplug the wheel I tried most of the suggestions: Reinstall game Delete hardware con
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