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  1. Because they need to sell the new one after the game changed hands bro, simple as that. We are not even receiving any update.
  2. Bro, the issue has heen there since December, and lots of people are having these issues additionaly since the update. I honestly stopped expecting a solution. Business wise, i guess it makes more sense for the players to buy the new game, rather than fixing the old one. Bur I find it really upsetting that a perfectly fine game suddenly became non playable with an update. I am not exaggerating, I cannot play 1 online ranking race.
  3. nothing is going to change guys.. I gave up. I sadly gave up. with PS4. I cannot play 3 ranked games in a row anymore, per day. after the 3rd qualification it crashes, and no more F1 2020 for that day. And since F1 2021 is coming out pretty soon, I would be genuinely suprised if there will be an actual solution for this. How many months has it been now since this problem has been reported by various amount of PS4 users? Please, let me be suprised, and let me be wrong about this.
  4. I really cannot believe I am reading these and experiencing this. Since 3 weeks, I cannot even complete 2 ranked races in a row, checking this forum, seeing lots of people experiencing the same issue, and getting no where. A wonderful, fun game, after years of not gaming at all, and after the update, becomes trash, and reminds me how harmful this gaming world has become to us. not a single solution was given, and just blaming people for "not giving accurate" information? This is truly upsetting. It is so upsetting that I created an account, just to comment on this issue. I checked
  5. exactly the same problem. word to word, exactly the same... Apparently, they dont care since so many people are having the exact same problem.
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