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  1. I pray for you you deserve it. And others here too!
  2. Do you think you will get into beta?
  3. i only hope that i am in the beta mate. I pray.
  4. Ok mate. Thank you. You are great mate.
  5. Does anyone have the beta forum yet?
  6. Is it already clear who is in the beta?
  7. Why is there no emergency exit in Monaco?
  8. I was only curious. Because I would have been surprised if all the mods came from England
  9. Sorry, my English was probably too bad. He threatened me that I would be banned. I am not banned
  10. This was a question, not an issue
  11. Most people just don't understand: A BETA is NOT a FULL VERSION! Codemasters doesn't want to give it to you to have fun (yes, well F1 fans always have fun with an F1 game) but so that you TEST it and REPORT about your experiences. It's a BETA, and it's only there for testing, for nothing else. And the feedback is very important otherwise you can't make the game better. You only became a beta tester to help Codemasters, not just to play the game and say nothing. You have to communicate with the developers, otherwise there is no point being a beta tester. You have to be willing to help in order
  12. Hello, I accidentally rammed a driver out today. And he said he reports me and I am banned. Is that correct?
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