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  1. Hi! I'm definitely buying this gem next month! My Youtube history is already full of Townscaper vids! However, I have a question. O n every video I've seen the grid is "crooked". This, of course helps creating beautiful towns. However is there an option to make "straights" grids, with the checkered pattern all in straight angles? And if not, where can I make this suggestion to the game developers? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I'm well aware 21 is just around the corner but I noticed '20 is very so I decided to pick it up on Steam for PC (will be playing with controller). I just have some beginner questions as I'm reasonably new to F1 (started following it last season). I would appreciate some advice/help on the following things. What difficulty should I start on? Should I jump into myteam mode straightaway or is there something else I should do first to get controls and gameplay down? My understanding and conf
  3. GlanePito

    F1 questions

    I might have missed out but: - Will career mode also feature the same shared engine updates as MyTeam? - Will F2 drivers move over just like in MyTeam? - Can we change the order in which tracks are driven in a 10 or 16 track season? - Has anything been done about the upgrade speeds as I think doing practice programs and https://9apps.ooo/ hitting your goals certainly gives you too much points/upgrades team too fast.
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