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  1. Tried the game today, everything seems nice so far in terms of gameplay except for 2 things. First of all the graphical side of the game seems too inconsistent. Sometimes it makes sense and the game looks good, sometimes its too dark and looks pretty bad. But more importantly, I feel like the F VidMate FB is lacking some raw feeling, specifically the feel of the surface. Its the same on each one, just feels like softly floating on water or something... Hurts me to say Mobdro it but 50/50 gonna refund it. Am I nitpicking or are others feeling the same way?
  2. I'm really in need of a good racing game, and I've seen many people recommend getting Grid. Before I do, I was just wondering a few things. Is it more like a Gran Turismo type racing game than a Midnight Club type? Appvn Is there a career mode where you can progress by getting newer cars and completing races and keep on climbing the ladder or going forward? SHAREit Is there a lot of cars available? Like, can I be kept occupied by just trying a bunch of new cars if I'm bored?
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