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  1. Hello, I've never played this game before, only watched someone play it (from the same room) and from what I gathered it's a hard g 192.168.l.l ame, and a rage game? I can deal with those btw :) but then again they "rage" during non-rage games as well, cuz they're a serious gamer. But the point: Got any tips? routerlogin
  2. Hi all, let me preface this by saying that I know next to nothing about the F1 2019 video game for Xbox One, so bear with me through the stupid questions. My little brother is a big F1 fan and has always said he would love to play the F1 2019 game on our Xbox One. I have a few questions for those of you who play the game. Firstly, when is the F1 2020 game expected to be released? Or do they not release new games each year like they do with games for other sports like the Madden or FIFA series? I don't want to buy him this if a new game is coming out in the near future any
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