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  1. Hi everyone. A few of us have started a league (and private online races) for those still learning the game and tracks. The main aim is to create a fun friendly environment with no pressure or assists limitations. Please feel free to join us. We race evenings EU/UK time but can arrange to suit most. Join our discord for more info. Everything is only in its infancy so be one of the first and help us grow. Fun. https://discord.gg/N2whBRkV
  2. Thanks for the tip! Still very new to all of this and I'm finding I am way too slow for normal long time player leagues.
  3. Hi all, I've created a league via steam for absolute slow noobs such as myself. Please feel free to join and learn ina friendly environment. All assists allowed and easy tracks only. Access code: CM#_WJ8QLKX My steam username: Saffaboy
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