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  1. Be grateful for paying over 60 euros for half-product? That's not how it works man.
  2. Hi everyone, it's already been 3 races in both tiers of our league but we are still looking for people from Balkans are to join us and race with us. We have 2 divisions (2 tiers) whereas division 2 is for less experienced drivers so everyone is welcome. We offer different scoring system - 15 drivers can score points. We decided to do that to encourage everyone to race till the end, and to offer chance to less experienced drivers to score points. Division 2 is racing Friday 20:00 (CET), and Division 1 is on Sunday 20:00 (CET) All races are broadcasted with commentary on our
  3. But how do you explain having all the same bugs all over again with every game? Rev-glitch for example, red lights go off at different time for some drivers, desync, Safety Car bugs, etc? I don't believe you are unable to fix rev glitch for multiple years..
  4. Yo Codies! How about you for change fix some actual bugs and stuff that's ruining our experience of gameplay??? Is this update a joke? Because I feel you are making fun of us for paying 60+ euros for half-product? HELLO!? WAKE UP!?
  5. It's not enough to say that I feel tricked when I paid 60e for half-product called F1 2021. I don't care about single-player game modes, because I play F1 games only for league racing. I recently started my league which has 2 tiers. And first race in tier 2 went well, no bugs no glitches or anything. But tonight was tier 1 on program and dear lord... I feel ashamed for the game I bought and for the game I decided to run league on. I mean here are the videos of what ruined a race: https://streamable.com/2n06ae, and this: https://streamable.com/m9uhle. I have no words for this kind of glitches
  6. Okay, first of all hi everyone, this is my first ever post here. Well let me get started: It's maybe already posted about and if it is so sorry for posting it one more time. When I figured the option "save full race replay" I was so happy because it would be a game changer for league racing. Being able to have a look at any driver at any specific lap from all the cameras available would make stewarding so easier. So I had my first league race last night and I saved full race replay and just now I wanted to check some situations that might be punishable by the stewards and then I just real
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