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  1. I have recently purchased F1 2021 deluxe edition for my Xbox one S, with a logitech g920. However when i try and play F1 2021, i can only hear about 10% of the sound due to it bugging out (i have heard this is a somewhat common problem) but i am also having a problem where my in game wheel will lag, and my irl force feedback will glitch, making the game unplayable, i have reported to many of my friends who have the game and none of them seem to be experiencing the same issue. is there a fix for this? (i couldn’t really find a video of the wheel lagging, it’s the best one i could f
  2. i’m getting so many rare problems with this game, in game wheel lags and then messed up my ffb irl (xbox one s logitech g920) and my sound cuts out every 5 seconds, the game is unplayable but nobody i know seems to be reporting these issues, any help?

  3. After looking into this for a while, i have come to the conclusion that the flashes are from the spray from the car ahead. i can not find a fix for this, and messing with my visual settings does not work, i guess you’ll just have to stay ahead of the pack in the rain? 🤷‍♂️
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