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  1. I have been having fun with Race Net challenges every Tuesday. Just got  free gold membership and went on-line to try out the MP. I used to love playing TOCA MP,  tuning was free, no upgrades made for a very even playing feild. GAS unfortunately is so messed up there's no fun. I have no desire or time to grind through the career that this game requires. It's almost like Codies doesn't want the game to be a success. I will continue playing race net every Tuesday as I really enjoy it but  MP is a bust and big let down for me.
  2. Just switched to xb wheel and loving it. Completely changed the game for me.  I feel like I've had a workout on the wheel, never got that feeling from using the controller. The immersion into the game is so much more satisfying.
  3. I have a M/S V2 wheel which I got way back to play Forza 2.  Never could get used to it. Just found it and hooked it up - WOW, GAS is amazing with the wheel. I am absolutely stunned by how much better the game plays with the wheel. The force feedback is great. I have everything on default and happy with the feel. I'm planning on getting Xcelerator stand. Currently clamping to a table, the stand will make it even more fun. I'm only silver XBL and having a blast with the weekly racenet challenges. My GT is billowybeech if you want to compare racenet times.
  4. I'm curious what you mean by "folk" version?  Did a google couldn't find any reference.
  5. 1. Touring 2. Touring 3. Touring 4. Touring 5. Touring
  6. I never could understand the fascination with cockpit view. Isn't the most realistic view from a sim perspective the hood view?
  7. It's funny I was the same way with GRID (very upset and vocal on the forums back then) - couldn't stand it after playing TOCA.   Hated the physics and move away from real tracks and touring cars.  I'm happy Codies has gone back to their roots with touring cars. I could care less about cockpit view - unless you have a three screen setup with racing seat not much use for it. Hood view to me is the most realistic setting and this game nails it just like TOCA. Now all we need is a few more touring car tracks and I'll never have to think about getting an xbone......lol.
  8. How the heck do you get platinum on demo derby.  1.45 or better.  I've had almost perfect no contact laps and can only manage Bronze with a 1.59.  I play manual, no assists, hood view, controller, no flashbacks. I'm not skidding much, Keeping power to the wheels. Is there a way to uprade the car?
  9. Anyone else discover the AI is actually easier to race against on hard setting than medium. On medium they bunch up in corners and side swipe you.  Easier to get past them on hard setting..LOL
  10. Ok based on your reply I decided to go get the game. Played 3 hours last night.  My Gt is BillowyBeech. I'm playing on manual with no assists and hood view and controller. The touring cars are the best part of the game, hoping we get more tracks.  Had fun with the drift and demolition on racenet challenge - pure arcade fun.  Don't like the handling of the open wheelers and endurance cars, no weight to the cars. I'm not happy with the lack of brake feedback - there isn't any at all.  I'm getting used to it but sure would be nice to feel the car react when hitting the brakes
  11. Would like to here opinions from anyone who played TOCA 2 (NOT GRID). How does the handling compare?  I never played grid due to the arcade handling. Hoping GAS is a big improvement.
  12. the answer  to both is no what damage you get you carry to the end of the race unless you use a flashback I assume to correct the mistake before you make it. I've been reading the blogs and discovered you carry the damage to the next race where you can fix things up in the paddock. I have no interest in single player - all I care about is online multi-player so will be interesting how that plays out on-line.  
  13. For me TOCA 2 was the pinnacle. It all went downhill from there.  Spent some years in the Forza world but always longed for toca handling and tracks. Really keeping my fingers crossed they get it right this time.
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