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  1. Yes mate. how many hours you invested in the game so far? I have done 330 hours so it's money well spent so far.
  2. Happy for the progress changes and updates from the Team at codemasters working with the community to work out these issues. Developing games is a lot of work!
  3. Hello, everyone, as I have a few years of experience with broadcasting and commentating many league races. Naturally as the new game implements new broadcast features. I do feel it would be nice to allow some of the leagues that put a lot of their energy into on screen graphics to have a chance to preset and work with the codemaster team to help establish the new overlay updates changes. I love even seeing the new tire data overlay graphic that does appear sometimes during league multiplayer races, but even with my experience have no idea when and what is the trigger for it so show in th
  4. Is the Beta program still accepting applicants? I have over 1,600 hrs in the F12020 Game as a commentator spectating races, So I notice a lot of bugs and could provide a lot of feedback with a Beta of the new game. I know there are plenty of drivers who will test, I'm only interested testing the spectator mode.
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