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  1. Hey Barry, Totally not using any schumacher item has seemed to fix it. Got through the entire race without any crashes. It kinda defeats the purpose of me spending the extra money for the schumacher edition if I can't use any of the items without crashing the game..
  2. My F1 2020 (1.18) on PC has been crashing recently (over the past week). The problem only started when I arrived in Paul Ricard for Career Mode and has been crashing since I was in FP1. I tried verifying the integrity of the local files on Steam and I finally managed to complete an entire FP1 session, only to be met with another game crash during FP2. I also tried running the game with DirectX 11 and there wasn't any crash, but there was a lot of frame drops after playing the game for about 10mins or so. I'm using the Michael Schumacher avatar just FYI, and
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