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  1. If this question has been asked before, please direct! Will delete this one, then.

    I was told that I should much rather discuss this in the forums, probably should've done that in the first place 😬
    Anyway, I wanted to ask about livestreaming DR2.0 in VR, which so far takes a few hoops to jump through, but even then it isn't all that perfect. I initially asked about it on PJ's stream (also apologies for starting the question off on the next DR inclusion, should've worded it better, sorry). 
    Since DR2.0 is at it's development end(?), I didn't mean to pressure another seemingly at-this-point worthless update wish since the new platform is at it's "Coming soonTM" phase. So I'm curious to know how this section of the VR element is going to be handled in the future. I understand that most people would stream as normal, from a monitor, but the VR section exists for a reason (which I find to be the better experience #notbiased), so I find myself wanting to share the experience to it's fullest.
    What I'm getting at is: currently I stream with Streamlabs. Normal screen sharing gives off a harrowing fisheye effect, which is alleviated by the addition of an OpenVR plugin (I think I got it off Reddit somewhere). The plugin then gives a bunch of sliders to adjust the livestreamed area of the screen (which is turned into a screen from a VR effect), which for some reason don't work properly, but luckily the default setting is "fine", even though there's a black curve at the bottom right of the screen (since I've set it to stream the right screen of the VR goggles. It works well enough, but I was curious to know if this is going to be considered at all.
    Again, apologies for touching a soft subject. Sincerely didn't mean to. Wording is hard, sometimes...

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