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  1. Verstappen World Champion and he has a lower rating than Hamilton who drove into the back of someone who was clearly slowing down????? Usual British biased ratings... Which makes no sense when Russel gets his rating lowered... Good thing they didn't drop Verstappen's overall rating... #bringbackclassiccarstothef1gameseries
  2. Yeah, personally i found it boring after the first chapter and spent the rest of my time getting errors in online play and getting rammed when it worked. Also had some fun playing homemade demolition derby in grand prix mode.
  3. #bringbackclassiccars should be a legitimate thing now
  4. So, my school schedule is different now and I will no longer be able to compete until at least June... So yeah... See you guys in F1 2021 forums championship Season 3. Or whenever my classes are cancelled lol. I'll be a backup driver for whenever I am able to compete.
  5. since nobody has said anything, I'll start so this thread doesn't disappear. I want the whole 2009 F1 grid because that year definitely didn't get the game that it deserved (even though I still like booting up my Wii and playing F1 2009 with a Wii wheel every so often).
  6. Despite some people not missing the classic cars from previous games (I don't know why...), I have seen many people talk about wanting both classic cars and tracks back in our favourite racing game series! So I have decided to start a thread that is kind of a petition and also a wish list of classic/past tracks and cars we want to return in F1 2022. Personally, I think it would be great to bring back tracks that are recent but won't be in next year's calendar: like Portugal, China, Hockenhiem (apologies if i spelled that wrong), Bahrain outer loop (because you just need to code a sma
  7. We Absolutely Need Classic Stuff to Come Back!!! It would be great to bring back tracks that are recent but won't be in next year's calendar: like Portugal, China, Hockenhiem (apologies if i spelled that wrong), Bahrain outer loop (because you just need to code a small section for a second layout), Turkey (because everyone wants it), Nurburgring, and/or Malaysia. I am not asking for all of these but a few of them would be great (especially the ones that are already modelled for this game engine).
  8. I am new to the GRID series but I started off with Grid Autosport, I also tried out the demo for the original game on my XB 360 and I have to say that i quite enjoy it! It s a nice break from the serious simulation games (and it has Indycars!!!!!!). despite the small car list it looks promising because the car list seems to have a pretty good variety of quality cars (instead of the filler cars that most games now use to get their 500+ car list). I will wait till the reviews for the game come in before purchasing, but so far it seems to be quite decent!
  9. I personally think that they should stick to the old engine for another year and use the lack of rule changes in 2023 to develop the new game engine. That will also allow them to optimize the new engine for Windows 11 along with the next gen consoles (and maybe the rumoured Switch pro, but that is unlikely...) due to how new Windows 11 is (since late October 2021). That is my opinion and if anyone wants to refute, that's fine with me, I am not an expert in these things but at least have some knowledge of the challenges connected with rebuilding a game (I haven't rebuilt a game engine before bu
  10. The Person in Last Place is definitely correct. I crashed out of the race after Jeff gave me Super Soft tires on the first lap that only lasted four laps before I got extreme understeer...
  11. I really like driving Formula 2 cars, but I would rather have Classic cars...
  12. Definitely racing next week! I always score lots of points in Formula 2 Cars!!! (I also really like the Mexico circuit!!!)
  13. I can't race this week due to a very important unscheduled physics class. I will try to attend next week.
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