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  1. Won't be able to compete in tomorrow's race... something important came up. Sorry. Whoever is reserve can fill in for me.
  2. Just got myself a PC Steering Wheel (for really cheap at a second hand store) and am much better at driving now (smoother steering...). I am excited for the race tomorrow!
  3. Motorsport games already announced a partnership with Indycar on a 2023 game...
  4. Lets go full sim damage... It is so much fun! (And no I am not a dirty driver, it just makes racing more interesting when anything can happen.)
  5. Also, I use an Xbox 360 controller... (can't afford expensive wheels).
  6. I will buy the game likely this weekend and would love to drive an Alfa Romeo... How do I sign up (I am new to F1 online play and Codemasters Forums (I am very good at racing games though))? I will try to make it for most of the races if I get in.
  7. Totally agree! Also, "Breaking Point" is only 6 hours long and it is the type of mode that you will likely only play once...
  8. How could it not? Both use development money and time of which Codemasters (like any company) has a limited amount of.
  9. My best answer is, we all want it but it ain't coming. What's the point of having classic tracks without classic cars? Multiple sources have already discovered that there will not be any classic stuff in F1 2021... (By the way, WHY DO WE NEED A STUPID INTERACTIVE MOVIE IN a SIM RACING GAME????????? (I would personally prefer classic content...) I could just watch "Drive to Survive" and play F1 2021 races in between scenes if I want that experience!)
  10. New graphics and a story mode are nice, but that is not the meat of a game. The content, including tracks and cars, are what make a great game. If I ever do get over the missing content and actually play F1 2021, I will only play Braking Point once! It is literally just a long movie with some racing gameplay thrown in. Ya it is nice to be able to hire 7 more drivers in "My Team" and have the wind tunnel explode (stop working) once in a while to make things interesting. However, there isn't enough there to make me really want to spend 80 of my hard earned dollars to buy it. The boosted graphics
  11. I am not asking for help finding F1 2013. I am more mentioning retro tracks so maybe codemasters might see my post and remember that retro track exist for future F1 games.
  12. I have an Xbox 360 and in North America... there is virtually no evidence left that I can find that F1 2013 even existed. The copies that I have found were way too expensive. I am looking for F1 2013 because it is definitely the best F1 game for the Xbox 360.
  13. I am glad that they have released a way to play everything in the game now because there used to be a service where you would call in and pay money for cheat codes. Now that that service is dead, I am glad we can still access the cheat codes for this game. (It said about this in my game manual.)
  14. IGN has a website with a list of steps dictating how to access the game codes for Colin McRae Rally 04! Just search up Colin McRae Rally 04 cheat codes and click on the IGN website. Make sure that you read all of the instructions as it is not just as simple as typing in a cheat code... Each save file has one of a bunch of save codes. You have to find the cheat code for your save code. Once figured out though, you can have lots of fun in free play. It is not cheating to me as I will still try and complete the championships properly. Instead I can now play with some fun cars in free-play and mul
  15. I got this game 2 months ago for literally 1 dollar at a thrift store! It is a great game that really goes unnoticed by many! It is a challenging game though, and as far as I know the cheat codes are specific to each disk and are very hard to find (if anyone has them). The 2wd and 4wd cars available at first are fun to play, but I agree that it is really hard to unlock the other cars (I had trouble with the easiest championship! (and I can win championships in hard difficulty in F1 2011 on a controller! (if you understand what the handling is like in F1 2011))). The coolest thing about this ga
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