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  1. TobiDerDon

    F1 2014 Season Review?!

    Well, it looks like I'm going to get it real "soon" since I haven't heard anything. Is this the way how CM treats their customers and follwers? Hope that there won't be any promises for the F1 2015...  :-1: :-1: :-1: 
  2. TobiDerDon

    F1 2014 Season Review?!

    Hopefully just something went wrong and they send me the prize soon (without the "). I would have bought the review since I really want to watch it but the German version has one the worst commentaries since video exist... and this version doesn't include English audio.
  3. TobiDerDon

    F1 2014 Season Review?!

  4. TobiDerDon

    F1 2014 Season Review?!

    I really don't want to whine or cry about anything but I'm trying to get an answer from anybody at CM. On 6th January F1 Games put up this competition via twitter: https://twitter.com/Formula1game/status/552443229451210752 On 12th January I got a message from them saying that I won and that I should provide them my adress and choice of platform (DVD or Blu Ray) and I responded very quickly. Now the problem is that I haven't heard nor read nor received anything since that date. I don't want to say anything bad about the people working at CM but I'm hoping that someone can pass that info to someone who's in charge for this competition. This might be the wrong section of the forum but it has to do with the F1 games ... well, at least with the twitter channel of the F1 games.