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  1. Since the EA acquisition, the game tripled in price, with less content and a poor handling model. This is extortion, seriously! Will the next release be sold for the old price?
  2. Can also confirm, it is ALOT better.👌🏻 Now my wrists can race in peace😇
  3. Good day I've noticed that there may be a bug which nearly injured me 3-4 times. Platform [PC] When doing online races and one-shot qualifying, the steering wheel gives a massive kick at full force feedback and turns to the right when handing over control to you fro the AI. I have a Fanatec Podium F1 DD1 base which makes it very very dangerous. If you do not expect that hard kick from the steering wheel, it will definitely break a finger or cause serious injury. I basically have to grip the steering wheel very hard until control is fully handed over to me. In the past on F1 2020
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