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  1. This is a reasonable workaround for now, better than quitting the app. Power cycling doesn't work because the USB cable must be providing enough power for it to still register as a controller, but disconnecting and connecting again forces the xbox to initialise the device and F1:2021 to re-register it.
  2. I have an xbox series s and a Logitech G920 steering wheel with patch 1.05 of F1:2021 (the latest as I report this bug on 2021-08-02). When playing the game I often put my console to sleep by pressing "turn off the console" by pressing the xbox button on my steering wheen. Then resume when I wish to continue playing, e.g. hours later. I expect the game to behave as it did before sleeping / resuming. However, force feedback is gone. Everything else seems fine. This happens in single player mode, I do not have the ability to test multiplayer mode. I have tried power cycling m
  3. I'm interested in obtaining ghost data in time trials, aka rivals. But the data comes through very strangely for this and I was hoping somebody could help explain what I'm seeing. Is there a better forum to discuss these things, e.g. a discord channel? In the Participants packets I see myself, an AI-controlled version of myself called `"Personal Best"` then ... as many as 11 variants of the ghost adversary, each with a different `teamId`. All the `driverId` are above 100 whist also marked AI controlled (which I suspect is an indicator I can use to detect ghosts). However, in the Lap data
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