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  1. Only for Information: im not able to play the game now. There is a new countdown with 12h since 35 minutes left. So im able to play the game in 11:25h
  2. I dont know exactly, but its really strange. In the PS Store discription of the game is also explained, that everyone can play it only in 13h.
  3. Its curious, i changed nothing in the PS Settings. But when i click on the F1 2021 (digital psn store version) Logo it shows, that i can play the game in 1 hour and 10 minutes. By the way im from germany
  4. Hi I've noticed the in Game Discount which cointains 10 % Discount on the Deluxe Edition. But is there another Discount if youre an active ea Play User on the Playstation? I Know this trick from Fifa to get another 10% Discount on the Game. Does anyone tried this?
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