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  1. I'm about to just change my Steam profile name to Carlos Sainz so at least it always matches my character profile 😞
  2. My Driver Profile on Steam keeps changing to Sainz as well, has been for a few weeks. If I try to adjust my avatar, number, or nationality, it will change back to Carlos Sainz before I even get to the next screen. Seeing that there are a bunch of us experiencing the same problem, just going to wait til CodeMasters fixes it I guess.
  3. I've also included a picture from the end of the race replay (2-3 frames at most), from when my car is auto driving after the race ended. The replay skips a whole 2-3 seconds of driving, but during one of these frames it shows my car in the middle of the barriers off between the first straight & the pitlane. Once this happens is when my position drops from P1 to P19 with +1 lap added. Not sure if this has any interaction.
  4. My friend and I just experienced this on Steam as well, same track - I posted this to reddit. I Alt+F4'd out of the race to try and reset, so I don't have much access to the original race, though I did save my full race replay. Here is my reddit link: https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/p8bt2z/second_to_last_race_in_season_3_for_our_coop/ Our interval times were all messed up as well, this is from the race replay on lap 13/13 going into the final corner - attached photo for that, as well as a photo of the race results screen. I putted on lap 5 to switch from softs to mediums
  5. We are also experiencing this issue in our co-op mode. We are able to select a new perk during our contract renewal period, but once we load back into the game, the perk is gone and so is the money we spent on that perk. System: PC.
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