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  1. The lines showing in the sky, seems like old VGA. This happens when dark. Road and side roads not just the sky. Graphics settings all ultra Using Steam with Oculus support  What headset. Rift S graphics card 1080 processor i7 6700k 32gb ram  Deluxe user (Steam only).  peripherals connected. Xbox360 controller and t300 wheel & pedals
  2. What platform Steam What headset you're using: Rift S What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor) I7 6700k 48GB Ram Nvidia 1080 Deluxe user. T300 For me it drives smoothly, no problems but: NonVR DR2 at 90-140 fps and in VR keeps at 40 (almost at 80 range following the steamVR ms count headset app). With SteamVR and Oculus software at default, I downscaled resolution in the SteamVR settings for the game to minimum to speed up fps (100% says it a weird scale 1804x1944 for each eye while the Rift S has a 2560x1440 1 screen). The graphics are worse 🆗 but still 40fps. So 🆗 reverted to 100% and Game is driveable at 40 but Its a pitty NonVR can get 100 fps with same resolution 2560x1440 than the Rift S, and with headset, don't Mouse doesn't work wich is annoying cause T300 buttons show as numbers.. wich is wich is matter of try and error It would be better to have everything on the NonVR screen, so we can move easily with keyboard or mouse, edit setups, watching replays.. etc and just when in the car, move to the vr glasses. And for those (like me sometimes) that loose sound, don't play the game for much time long. Restart it before playing too long. But when sound issue happens, just select another sound output and then again your default, and sound comes again..
  3. Club championships are fun, although no prizes of some kind are given.. Wish we have more time for the web auto log off.. 2 times I had to re create custom championship, because of auto log off Also, something happens to cars after each stage.. they seem getting damaged between the end of a stage and the start of the next one.
  4. Horizon view alignment: so the car tilts, yaws, turns and pitches, but the cockpit view is centered with horizon in some degree. Procedural stages: For each map, take road data from each stage and create a procedural random stage for that map in daily challenges. So no one can learn it and listening to codriver's notes is crucial. Telemetry: add it in web like DR1 so we can compare with friends or top players by sector Telemetry Centering wheel FFB: The only down side of the ffb for me is the lack of wheel staying centered at some circumstances. At every traction type car, when more or less 90º of turning and under slow acceleration or deceleration, the wheel tends to be quickly snapped to center and stays there. As Asseto or iRacing apply this, why isn't it in DR? Clubs Rallycross: Add Rallycross for multiplayer club leagues! Codriver dynamic calls: Add them. It is known that codrivers scream, alter their speech, encourage, calm down or repeat the call after a spin.. Samir Roll accidents: there should be more damage in rolling accidents depending on car