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  1. what does the "see max level" box mean too?
  2. i have 40 pts too but my best setup i can get with my TR car is around 1200 pi max but it feels like a bus compared to my Mercedes 1600 pi, official cars are way quicker and with 40 pts have a way higher pi. another trick to get you to spend your cash and buy a car - not the one you get free
  3. glad it ain't just me, i am Level 19, 40 setup pts, league 2 driving a merc with 1600 pi and still max speed is 193mph
  4. same here, i'm no novice to F1 MBR but i get murdered at Mexico grid start, 6th to last by turn 1, since update i STILL have not hit 200mph yet or 8th gear, before update it was simple understanding how to improve different areas of setups but this new system is ****, why do it only allow you 2 or 3 boxes to upgrade 1 area? why not let us put whatever parts we want in the boxes like before? i use a Merc which has 2 aero boxes but my red bull has only 1 aero box, how are we meant to get good top speeds? - it feels like the game has restricted us from beating their AI
  5. do you also know that when you tap "setup" and tap on what car you want to change the box (pictured above) with your Power, Aero etc scores there's some red numbers with a red arrow that show up when you tap on your other cars, what do these red numbers mean?
  6. i read before that a while ago the red stripes were available to buy or were a part of a earlier update, i find some red striped racers are vgood and some are just average, ive lost to red striped 5000 racers yet whopped red striped 8000 racers so hard to tell whos good or not - but its nice to beat them lol
  7. yes i bought a Red Bull which i was told by the pro's is the better car and instantly i am at least 2 secs faster on all my fastest times, i am level 32 with 66 r&d pts
  8. yeah i had one where he rammed me head on only seconds into lap 1, i thought he would be ghosted but the impact sent me flying - my sector time was 24 ish seconds but his was 9 seconds?????? "Helium" i think was his name
  9. yes, you know at the start of a sprint race duel usually the car is controlled automatically until you get to the start line/countdown and then YOU NOW get control of the car - but sometimes whilst the car is automatically going thru the last few corners at the last corner it suddenly goes straight into the barrier, there is no sign of braking or turning - its like you just take you hands of the wheel - and if its not wrecked i can reverse???? - i have control of the car but this is before the countdown even starts - how is this possible? and yeah being passed like im standing when im doing ov
  10. so right, but i have noticed when you start the game the 1st page you see is usually some 25% off offer for a pack that costs £45, and also even between duels the same offers appears for some pack that boasts lots of part upgrades for over £40 so to be honest i don't see the game letting you earn league points so easily, but if you want too the games only option is to spend money on the packs, personally i refuse to waste any money on these expensive upgrade packs, is a few part upgrades really worth over £40? i doubt it but as i have never bought one i maybe wrong, maybe,
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