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  1. @BarryBL I give my driver seat away to 1 of the waiting people cuz I can't make it cuz of work but we had atleast some nice battles ^^ in Monaco 😄
  2. I use my team for it I am level 31 60% full it's very simple tbh..
  3. I am sick today so I can't drive today @BarryBL I arrived just now.... sorry for beeing late
  4. I use also the G29 but works fine on PC for me no issues
  5. I cant join the steam chat if I click on the link I get a Error message 😞
  6. I would like also to apply i dont care about the team I just want fair and clean racing
  7. Please bring it back so many people cant play with 12 cuz we crash a lot like by me I can play somedays with no issue but then it crashed almost every race or Qulifying its annyoing.
  8. They are in myTeam but you can pick them first when the first driver change can get made aka when you can get a new teammate
  9. We got kicked from Coop and we cant connact.
  10. I saw that one but such a little thing also it's not for the PC version they only fixed some trash... like netcode or what ever it was..
  11. Last year it was after Midnight when they released the day 1 patch... where is it so many bugs and etc also I will post soon a video about it.. so where is it.
  12. I mean my fuil in Bahrain 25% race was +8 laps for no reason xD
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