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  1. I locked FPS to 99 and refresh to 99 and it’s not crashed since I saw another post where the person left graphics and locked it to 60 and it was fine so tried it at 99 and it stopped happening
  2. Does anyone else's game crash on Imola with RB livery? Mines keeps crashing and its always at the pit exit portion of the track. I've done reboot, checked files and up to date on the drivers. Also going to check if it happens with any other car just to narrow things down.
  3. Hi, I am also seeing this however in the lobby settings it says realistic, then when we launch the event it says equal. BUT in the race it looks like we have realistic performance 🤷‍♂️.
  4. Is there a way to upvote this as for anyone using a wheel this is actually extremely dangerous or is there a setting solution until it’s fixed please.
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