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  1. And it works even for Playstation 4 with new patch for F12021
  2. Hey bud, did you see the new problem with G923 ??   Pretty sure they will fix that one before 


    How can we celebrate day 150 ?

  3. I m downloading the new patch 1.13 and I really don't think our clutch problem will be solved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
  4. Always try to pit when there is a SC, the 5 secondes lost in the pit because of the clutch problems is not as bad, But still what the hell CODEMASTER, are you at least trying something ???????????????
  5. Wow, still can't beleive they didn't nothing about our problems with the game not recognizing our clutch !!!! And not even some news about if they tried things to fix it. There is so much information on the subject in this forum, in many languages too, so what is the problem ? I wrote to that Barry guy once with a pre-written message, not impressed at all.
  6. I don't have the Shifter on my G29, just using the regular pad behind the wheel to shift gear and even after the latest patch, NOTHING HAS CHANGED. Still can't do a manual start without pausing and then unpause to continue my start. I loose a bit on the start but at least i can race for now. The worst part is when in the pits, i loose 5 seconds cause it doesn't recognize the clutch. so i have to wait until the car is release by itself. Bought this game this winter, downloaded July 14 and since then nothing new for our manual start with Logitech G29, the older version.
  7. As you can see in the last patch there is nothing for OUR problem with the launching starts. So I basicaly put it on pause until the cars moves on the grid then take back control of the car. It's not as good as a real start but at least you leave the grid. For the pit exit , well you have to wait 5 seconds until your release since it doesn't recognize our clutch. Good luck buddy and hopefully ONE DAY will get a patch for us.
  8. It says Awaiting info 2021 for this Post. ??? I hope the person who is supposed to give info know it's him that gives the info cause there no place where they say that person needs to send more info . PLEASE WHAT INFO YOU NEED, WE WILL SEND IT. thank you
  9. it's been like this even with F1 2020. It's pretty stupid penalty that shouldn't be in the game. I guess they don't know all the rules in F1
  10. Thanks for the info, but I don't use the control anymore to race so I don't see the use of using the clutch on the control if i want to drive with the Wheel. Will wait for an update ONE DAY.
  11. Well I just finished downloading the new patch 1.05 and our problem wasn't resolve yet. 

    Tried a manual start and it still didn't recognize the button.  Hopefully the next patch will be 

    the one for all of US. 

  12. Hello Guys, I have the same issue than you and posted it here. Even have the video showing how I do manual start by pressing the pause button then releasing it to continue the game
  13. Is there anyone in Codemaster that are reading this threads ??? or is it just between drivers trying to understand the problem ??
  14. I have the same issue with my Logitech G39.. I cannot do any manual start cause it doesn't recognize when i push the clutch button. For now the only way I found to do manual start is to put it on pause right when the lights go off, then take it off pause and continue the race. But if I have to pit, well I have other problems , and leaving the pits too, since it doesn't recongnize the clutch button, it stays there for a couple of seconds.. Hopefully someone will find the problem of this BUG. I enclosed the link to show what i have to do , since i cannot rel
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