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  1. actually I think it's better that if they missed something like this, they can add it during active development rather than patch it out later on. As a little developper myself, I find that if I get the plan laid out first, it's less time & code rather than making a first code attempt and then someone say : hey let's add this feature and the code has to be refactored to adjust for it. (not saying it would be the case.)
  2. I made a forum mistake, I think this is meant to go into suggestions
  3. let's say I play with some family of mine the brand new F1 2021 coop mode a problem arises he plays F1 2020 in casual I play in normal with autogears, ABS, AI 70+ (I'm not boasting, there's way much better than me out there) we could be rivals and if it's possible he could choose a better team and me a worse team but if we'd like to play in coop same team, it probably wouldn't be very fun to him if I finish P2 and him P18 (for example) EDIT: actually that would be fun for neither of us Just my 2 cents. Thanks for reading. EDIT2: could be as simple as adding deadwei
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