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  1. August 2021 this happening now, not changed audio for 8 months, all on 10 and crowd is hyper loud drowning out everything else. PS4 on 55" 4k Samsung TV & Headphones. This hasn't happened before August. Can't just be me?
  2. Today I wiped all existense of F1 2020 from my PS4, including all saves. Vanilla install and joined 25% Multiplayer race. Exactly the same result, crashed after Qualifying on the second race without fail. This is 100% not client related at all, this is the 1.18 patch at fault. Multiplayer advance is impossible, licence I built up is slaughtered... its unplayable yet the devs leave everyone hanging. I genuinely don't understand why it hasn't just been rolled back?
  3. I am as others who are crashing right after Qualifying in 25% or 5 lap Multiplayer. I tried your suggestion but no dice, still crashes.
  4. Same thing, multiplayer after Qualifying... shows ticks next to all players, black screen... "loading" flashes 3 times & then game completely crashes to PS4 blue screen. Bug reports are not possible because the game crashes completely! how can we give report codes after that? When you sell a product it should not be the customer having to wait for you to solve something you broke! You wouldn't get away with this for any other defect product. The game is unplayable and it slaughters any licence status. Roll it back if you can't fix it in good time. I didn't buy it
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