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  1. I'd certainly agree with that, blue tags are especially useful as you can easily see admin or mods comments, info or questions about the topics reported. As a member I don't really need that option, was just wondering why it seemed like some non-staff users can use those tags too.
  2. Confirmed, still missing on Chrome, Windows 8.1 laptop.
  3. Oh, thanks. I'm on Firefox, no adblock, but that Tags feature is totally missing... Well, it was just a curiosity.
  4. I can't reply to your report as I always race in Clean Dry/Midday conditions so I didn't notice anything. Just wanted to ask you how did you manage to add the "bug" and "visuals" tags to your post:
  5. Great job! 😊 Here's Marshal 19, not shown in the video but, as you said, he can disappear too: f1-2021-20210916141836_jNyvCUID_aab7(1) (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  6. Portimao 1.10 update F1® 2021_20210914143007 (online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  7. PJ says he's on "Xbox Series X in Performance Mode", at least in the previous Monza and Zandwoort vids (where dots are there). I wonder if he changed something or switched to a PC for the occasion.
  8. Portimao is fantastic, the best track of the lot, hands down. 😊
  9. Camera customisation is in such a total mess that it's almost impossible to make a decent report about it.
  10. Strange marketing move, what could it mean? 1) they want future customers to test the bugs just before patch 1.10. 2) patch 1.10 won't fix anything so let's go with the free trial anyway.
  11. It's been reported already, hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch (1.10, next Monday or Tuesday). However, it's a bug that has been noticed only after 1.07. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/86171-f1-2021-shadows-like-dots-on-tires-and-halo/ https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/86285-new-graphic-issue-after-patch-107/
  12. I'd prefer Imola first but after studying Portimao layout a bit, I'm almost happy it will probably come before it. T14 looks quite tricky port
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