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  1. You've been focusing too much of "drama" at last games (F1-2021, GRID Legends). Leave it to NFS series. Make an interesting career, championships, work on physics and special stages, anything that would make the game better - just don't add a soap opera, please!
  2. Why? Of course, the results with rewind simply should not be record to global roster (this is done, for example, in RIDE4), but just in single mode or training mode - why not?
  3. I don't want to watch a stupid soap opera. This is sufficient in NFS. I just want to drive! Please make the installation options full and lite, no storyline!
  4. Let's remember that F1 and NASCAR (by ISI), Superbike (by Milstones) came out under the EA Sports brand and were good. Maybe things are not so bad?
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