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  1. Motorsport Games has the license until 2031. They will release a Le Mans 24h videogame ( included WEC championship possibly) early access on PC at 2022 and console versions at 2023.
  2. er185

    Turkey in F1 2021

    Ports are possible. GRID 2019 have tracks from GRID Autosport.
  3. Turkey replaces Canada https://twitter.com/F1/status/1387428917808668672
  4. Users started talking when the first rumors of a new TOCA came out here
  5. FIA ERC starts 26-28 March...
  6. My bet is split screen multiplayer
  7. I think fow.nefs and imp.nefs are new files in Car Folder.
  8. Yes, last week they added 2 new DLC at Depots tab.
  9. First car confirmed to new Grid game???
  10. 9 new locations will be added... https://steamdb.info/app/690790/depots/
  11. https://twitter.com/KochMediaBLX/status/1088049435127484416
  12. Nice spot. In that same shot I’m even more interested in the fact that my man has a 206 WRC model on his desk #NoLionNoBuy. But, Uh ooh, do we spot something cryptic there? 1 = 235 0 = 0 0.235 = 60 Puzzletime? :D Repsol + WRC = Seat Cordoba WRC confirmed!!!!!
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