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  1. Ollie24

    Who's Gonna Buy F1 2014

    I've just switched to next-gen, so I'm waiting for F1 2015 especially with it having an earlier release.
  2. Ollie24

    Xbox 360 league for top 6 clubs

    Well it was all set-up. It was due to start earlier this month, but with the problems people have had with file corruptions etc.. It was put on hold. But I think our team members in general would prefer to compete against other teams instead of hosting our own in-team event. I've sent messages out, but no-one seems to really be interested in an in-team event so I think it's just the philosophy of the team. I could be wrong. Edit: So for example we did a 6v6 against 8Bit Motorsport not long ago, they were very highly competitive and it made some really good racing. So I think people prefer to race in leagues against other teams.
  3. Ollie24


    I don't believe in Flashbacks.
  4. Ollie24

    Changing Display name

    They won't, I've tried asking myself. And they said No. :(
  5. Ollie24

    Coupé Style Car Pack available today!

    I think it's quite cheeky how they can ask people to buy DLC when the game isn't even fixed yet. Edit: ok I will take that comment back, as I have realised that there is a patch coming very soon.
  6. Ollie24

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    F1 2010 - long career, the 'live the life' aspect, no KERS or DRS. It was a really good game, yes there were a few problems, but looking beyond the bugs and all that it was a decent Formula One game that presented the sport very well. And also you didn't need to save your tyres like crazy! It was pure flat-out racing. Edit: I will continue to buy the latest F1 game and try to adapt. Never give up.
  7. Kinda makes no sense what you just said . An "online challenge " when your racing online are you racing by yourself or with others ?  How does it make no sense? It is effectively an online thing as you are competing against your friends and the world for quick lap times etc..
  8. I thought RaceNet Challenge was supposed to be an 'online challenge'.. So what is it with the AI? Please take them out Codemasters!
  9. Ollie24

    Controller vs. Wheel

    I've always used a controller for GRID games (and also DiRT games).
  10. Ollie24

    2014 Pirelli Hungarian Grand Prix

    Yeah feel sorry for Hamilton.. but I'm sure we'll see another charge from him, much like at Hockenheim.
  11. Ollie24

    Time To Give it Up - Call it 2015

    Codemasters did do a game called F1 Online which was for PC, but that has now been closed. But you can sure play one of the main titles online on PC.
  12. Ollie24

    Time To Give it Up - Call it 2015

    F1 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 were released around Sept-Oct time - that's over half the year isn't it? So what difference does it make for 2014? lol I'm hoping they announce F1 2014 sometime in August. Just be patient.
  13. I vote Yes! Because of long races and getting damage on the first few laps, then having to carry it for the rest of the race isn't what I call 'fun'.
  14. Ollie24

    Touring Car Racing League

    When will this league be starting?
  15. Ollie24

    QOTW: Which is the best DiRT game?

    The original was awesome.