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  1. YesItsReallyMe

    Pit Stop Bug when Double Stacking

    I suffered from this a while ago but not seen it since but my TM left the league so I've been running as 1 car team.
  2. @BarryBL Need to report I had something very similar happen to me last night as this on Ps4. Thrustmaster T300 with open wheel rim & T3PA pedals. But Ive done a lot of races after 1.12 patch landed and this was the first time Ive experienced it on 2020 so Im hoping its just something random as we had 7 different drivers racing last night who dont usually take part? Not played yet since maintenace was done too. And it wasnt as severe as the 2019 issue. But made the car harder to control but rectified itself in a way. A detailed description of the issue. - Had a league race at Russia. Quali was fine, formation lap was fine. Then at the start of the race, knew something was a bit squiffy, rear end of car was very loose, I could feel bumps and the kerbs but not as good as usual but the steering was acting very strange not turning enough and no weight in the wheel, FFB suppressed kinda weird, like you was turning in too late but you wasnt. Struggling to get round the tight corners at Russia, got 2 corner cut warnings in the 1st sector alone. If I had to explain the feeling it's like the tyres were ice cold and the FFB was matching that feeling Luckily we had a SC on lap 4 so I pit for mediums and knocked frontwing up 1 notch, wheel kicked in properly when exiting pits and rejoining track. Everthing okay in this stint till we had another SC with around 5 laps to go, pit for softs then the wheel kicked in more but I would say more than usual, slighlty overpowered to what I know. We had 2 drivers that got DSQ during the formation lap in sector 1 and got sent to the grid to wait. Platform - Base Ps4 What version of the game you are using. - 1.12 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues - Unranked invite only lobby. Wired or Wireless Connection? - Wired. The amount of players in your session? - 15 drivers & 2 spectators. Were you the host? - No. Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see? - Nothing similar reported by anyone. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? - Havent played since last night yet, but I will be trying again. How do you make the problem happen? - Booted game up did two 5 lap races at Russia to test setups. All fine, made an online session for myself with a 45min practice and same lobby settings as our league. Did about 10 mins before invite came, again everything fine. I quit to main menu, pressed PS button and joined the lobby through the invite as normal. Just happened out of the blue. Everything was going great & normal upto the formation lap ending and the race lobby starting. Like i said before it was weird because nothing was different than usual, same host, round 11 of 12, never had the issue appear up till now when 7 different drivers raced with us. Can you add a report code. - TVKC-XRXJ-TEBB-HBEG Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session? - No. I was recording gameplay on the ps4 but it was being livestreamed on Youtube by one of the spectators for our league channel.
  3. YesItsReallyMe

    Pit crew not there (20s+ pitstop)

    I had a very similar issue happen to me in my league on Tuesday night. I was also in the Alfa at Abu Dhabi. A detailed description of the issue. I entered the pits to make my last stop on lap 18. My TM had made a stop too the same lap. As I entered the pits my TM was at the hairpin leading onto the 1st straight at Abu Dhabi so well away from the pits. I was carrying a 5sec penalty due to a issue earlier in the race under vsc. I arrived at the pitbox to my crew running around like headless chickens. It took 6secs for them to stand by the car properly, then my 5sec penalty was served, so sat there for over 11secs with nothing happening, then I finally got my tyres changed and they let me go. I came into pits in 5th and left at the back of the field with a stop of over 30secs. Platform PS4 What version of the game you are using. 1.09 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues Unranked invite only lobby. Wired or Wireless Connection? Wired. The amount of players in your session? 14 drivers 2 spectators. Some had left due to DNFs. Were you the host? No. 1 of the spectators was host. Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see? Nothing has been mentioned or reported about it happening to anyone else. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Not done another online race since this. But will keep check on it next race. How do you make the problem happen It just happened at my 2nd stop. The first was fine no issues. Can you add a report code. I missed getting the code. Sorry will check and see if I managed to catch it on video or anything when back. Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session? I didn't stream the session. But the session was being streamed live by the host for our league YouTube channel. I can provide video clip if required when I'm back.
  4. I struggle with Ferrari engines cars to hear the drs beep and sometimes radio messages. The engine noise seems very overpowered. All the other cars are fine with how my audio is set, using normal tcam. I've tried all different audio setups and it's the same. I use the Alfa in my league so it's noticeable. I'll use broadcast mix off in these for now.
  5. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    @BarryBL video link I sent to your inbox It won't let me post it in here for some reason. Just making sure you see it. 👍
  6. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    @BarryBL I've experienced a new symptom of this issue. When I last played on Thursday everything was okay, I'd been doing career so FFB was working as expected along with setups. Didn't touch the PS4 or game on Friday at all. Came to play Saturday evening, turned on the PS4 loaded up went to TT at France and well the ffb wasn't working in TT it was weak like how it goes online, shut game down reloaded still the same. So reset my cameras to default and shut the game down and rebuilt the database on PS4. Loaded game back up after the rebuild still the same hardly any ffb in TT, and the car was spinning off the track in corners and couldn't get the gas down. No grip felt like the car wasn't connected to the track or wheel. No setups worked not even default ones. Put my cameras settings on in the session, ffb still felt same. So made a new ffb setting as I described the other day, still not working. So went back into pause menu deleted that new ffb setup I'd just made then enabled my usual one, tried that and the ffb came back like a switch being flicked. Had no further problems last night. Ran a co-op with a friend using league mode and it was fine. Sometimes if I miss a day of playing or play another game like gt sport and then go back to F1 this is what happens, it messes everything up like how the game plays, settings how ffb works and setups etc. Anyway when I got the ffb to work by deleting and enabling in the ffb menu I wrote the report code down from the TT session I was in. KTKC-XPTR-XHPJ-HBEG Why is it fine one day and the next just unplayable in any mode. It can do this after a patch sometimes. But I've got into the habit of rebuilding database on PS4 after every patch. Something else to add, I quit the game last night after coop and saved my game save and ghost laps to a usb stick, just out of curiosity I went back on game into TT just to try it. FFB was stronger after saving my game files to a usb stick!? 😶 Edit.... So I turned on PS4 on Sunday afternoon. And went to TT. Not touched it since last night and.... FFB wasn't working again, like yesterday. Had to rest cameras shut game down and rebuild database and do the above method again to get it working. Which took best part of an hour. I've sent you a DM Barry. Please check your inbox. It's not letting me post a link here for some reason. Thanks.
  7. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    @steviejay69 thank you for the info. I'm up to date on firmware and drivers.
  8. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    @steviejay69 would this effect the PS4 in the same way or is it just a PC specific thing? Thanks
  9. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    Hi @BarryBL. The FFB feels different like it's not loaded in properly. All strength goes weak and the tyres don't load up. It feels nothing like offline at all. Early part of this thread goes into it in about more detail when we were all reporting it. Sometimes it's okay to start with then gets progressively worse/after making a pitstop can make it do it sometimes. My setups aren't overly aggressive I like the car planted. But these setups that don't work online when you use them offline or in TT you fly with them and the FFB works correctly. I made a video for Hoo and sent it in with my game save I sent also on the 31st October. I haven't heard anything back from that. The only workaround I have is to enter the ffb menu when your in garage or on the grid before race starts go into ffb menu make a fresh ffb setup but do not change the button layout. Just change the ffb strength and ffb wheel damper to the values you use and save it, but I have to do this method in every session, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Same for custom camera settings too. Better off sometimes going into online lobby on default cameras then changing them to what you use in the online session. As you can imagine this isn't very good for league racing, out on track in the pause menu so car ghosts while you put your camera and ffb settings in. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't just end up with the weak ffb and the car behaves like you never played the game before, can't keep it on road. What is the online equal car based on? Is it TT car? Or is it the career car with/without upgrades? The game modes for me in order of quickest to slowest with same car camera and FFB setup. Career, TT, GP mode, Online league, Online ranked, Online unranked with multiplayer car, online unranked with official 2019 cars. I've even tried my wheel on v28 firmware and it's the same on that too.
  10. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    Hi @BarryBL. I fine tune setups in unranked practice lobbies. 45 minute session. Setting up the lobby exactly same as we race under for our leagues. Assists off, SC on Full damage etc. Equal performance and using the car I race in the league so this season it has been the Torro Rosso. Same way I've always tweaked my setups on past games with the online practice feature. I've had all 10. I've done it on my own and with a friend and the setup works as expected. But come race night the same setup just doesn't work when we are under race conditions. It was Austria this week. I understand that codies can't replicate the issue, but what are we the players supposed to do who have this issue? We've been plodding on since August with it. It's a serious issue guys, and one that is making me stop league racing on this game. Something I've never done the past 10years I've been racing. Tried a full uninstall and reinstall too, still the same.
  11. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    This issue is much worse on patch 1.20. My setups don't even work online now either I have to race online using default setups. Not good for league racing. 2 races left then I'm done I'm afraid. It's just a complete waste of time doing any kind of league racing in unranked lobbies. Spend a couple of days making a setup for upcoming league race and come race night it's like you have uploaded a random setup that just doesn't work at all. Like 4secs slower than you were doing in practice. Quickest/stable game mode for me is career. FFB is perfect, setups work etc etc. I've explored and tested every avenue now and it's getting worse not better. DOR is till being reset too going into the menus. Duplicating your settings in the FFB menu does this everytime. Hoo replicated this issue around last August/September and a fix was supposed to be in progress. It's in the early part of this thread. @BarryBL
  12. @BarryBL Hi, can you explain what this is from the patch notes please? Is it related to the FFB issue online. Thanks. Multiplayer Addressed an issue where the camera selection would not save if selected in a multiplayer session
  13. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    @BarryBL Just swinging by in the hope of a Christmas miracle. Do we have any news or anything new to report on this along with the game menus resetting DOR which was highlighted by Hoo very early on in this thread. It's all gone quiet on both issues.
  14. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    @BarryBL Hi. may we have an update on this please. I sent my game save in a fortnight ago and heard nothing else. Thanks
  15. YesItsReallyMe

    FFB- T300 and Various Wheels

    You seem to be a bit late arriving to the party with that statement about multiplayer cars. We found that out weeks ago when @Hoo asked us to do the very first test at Silverstone using the Merc then to try multiplayer cars in unranked lobbies.