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  1. I suffered from this a while ago but not seen it since but my TM left the league so I've been running as 1 car team.
  2. @BarryBL Need to report I had something very similar happen to me last night as this on Ps4. Thrustmaster T300 with open wheel rim & T3PA pedals. But Ive done a lot of races after 1.12 patch landed and this was the first time Ive experienced it on 2020 so Im hoping its just something random as we had 7 different drivers racing last night who dont usually take part? Not played yet since maintenace was done too. And it wasnt as severe as the 2019 issue. But made the car harder to control but rectified itself in a way. A detailed description of the issue. - Had a league race at Russi
  3. I had a very similar issue happen to me in my league on Tuesday night. I was also in the Alfa at Abu Dhabi. A detailed description of the issue. I entered the pits to make my last stop on lap 18. My TM had made a stop too the same lap. As I entered the pits my TM was at the hairpin leading onto the 1st straight at Abu Dhabi so well away from the pits. I was carrying a 5sec penalty due to a issue earlier in the race under vsc. I arrived at the pitbox to my crew running around like headless chickens. It took 6secs for them to stand by the car properly, then my 5sec penalty was
  4. I struggle with Ferrari engines cars to hear the drs beep and sometimes radio messages. The engine noise seems very overpowered. All the other cars are fine with how my audio is set, using normal tcam. I've tried all different audio setups and it's the same. I use the Alfa in my league so it's noticeable. I'll use broadcast mix off in these for now.
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