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    NeW DLC ??????

    I was searching the steam database and found a "new" DLC .....    GRID Autosport - RENAME ME DLC (324130) Depot  ( 94,22 MB )https://steamdb.info/depot/324130/  What do you think?
  2. marcelofelipe

    future DLCs

    @Loore‌ Welcome to the forum again. after the release of the Legends Pack dlc Touring, there will be more new DLCs? (Circuits, cars .......)
  3. marcelofelipe

    NeW DLC ??????

    I'm curious !
  4. marcelofelipe

    Drag Pack speculations.

    La Sarthe :D
  5. marcelofelipe

    future DLCs

    Once again we will have the Circuit de la Sarthe  :(  
  6. marcelofelipe

    Is this the upcoming TOURING CAR DLC?

    Once again we will have the Circuit de la Sarthe   :(  
  7. marcelofelipe

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    @Loore‌ Please DLC  Mustang F-35 Lightning II
  8. marcelofelipe

    Camera Angle Feedback

    place the camera in these positions:
  9. marcelofelipe

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    @LOORE I congratulate you guys for the great job! I liked: You have heard the community. I did not like: the interior of this car with a very poor quality. (Please improve it) Gameplay: This excellent .... needs some adjustments on more powerful cars. Content (DLC): Rain is possible to put in the DLC? add more cars like: Ruf, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, toyota. add more tracks: La Sarthe, Monaco.
  10. marcelofelipe

    GRID Autosport confirmed cars/tracks/features

    @Loore There will subaru and mitsubishi ?
  11. marcelofelipe

    Grid Autosport

    @Loore you guys are still working on the quality of the interior of the car?  because the videos presented show a poor quality inside cars.   
  12. marcelofelipe

    Grid Autosport

    there will be rain? 
  13. marcelofelipe

    Grid Autosport

    Now just wait a codemasters disclose the full video ...... and ready to q seems to cockpit view will return and classical tracks in the grid 1 also :)
  14. marcelofelipe

    Grid Autosport

  15. marcelofelipe

    Grid Autosport

  16. marcelofelipe


    please answer my 3 questions:  will have rain? will have cockpit view? Directx 12?  a hug :)