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  1. From a dull story mode passed only in a few hours. The bugs and glitches on and offline. Online is unplayable. Just terrible quality all around. The only good thing to say about this game is the Ai has imporoved a bit. other then that. Horrible.
  2. yeah this game is brillaint. At being broken, glichy and bugged. The released version is worst then the preview version i got to play at a friend's house.
  3. What a gimmick. Boring, dull. Finished it after 3 days.
  4. I think its just a matter of time. Things like the Safety car, localized weather, day to night seemed impossible at one time. Yet they where added and all worked after some fixing. Yes every game has some faults but no game is perfect. I am just waiting for the right level of immersion that im personally looking for. But F1 2021 has come very close. I am very tempted to buy. And i just might i just want to see some videos of at least 15% into the game to make a final decision. Cut scenes look cool but i hope they are less repetitive. I saw a quick snip of an interview in the official F1 settin
  5. First of all i am not here to bash this game like most. This is constructive criticism. I also fully acknowledge the massive steps forward codemasters have made in the past few years in the F1 gameing world. Things lacking in F1 games for the past 5 years that make me skip buying once again in 2021. (1) No VR support yet again. (no VR is not dead, as a matter a fact in E3 2021 a new set was shown named Valve Index VR Kit) (2) No red flags. Very basic yet still not there, lack of immersion (3) Where is the Aston Martin Safety car? If its been added and just not shown
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