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  1. i am p.... off, buy a Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Wheel, F1 2020 and nothing is working. Not with keyboard, not with Controller and not with Wheel. my brakes are blocked if i drive outside the box cant drive. So a f.... sh...... and no help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I play Dirt Rally 2.0 and it works all 100% Only F1 2020 its not working i am rolling no brakes active
  3. Hello i am from germany and my english is not perfect sorry. I have a Thrustmaster Ferrari 430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel i wanna play in F1 2020. All works till i wanna start, when i press the accelerator the car does not start only very slow, the engine speed moves but i cannot drive. I hope someone can help me 13-06-_2021_22-44-30.mp4
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