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  1. On duel mode we should be in ghost car mode the whole time!!! Grid starts and sprint mode more than any other. Sprint mode is terrible and both sprint and grid aren’t duels cause we’re racing the whole field.
  2. Yeah America and Vietnam are ridiculous penalties!!!! You barely go off track and you get hit with a 10-15 sec penalty. They take all the fun out of it. I’ve brought this to their attention a thousand times and nothing has changed, all I get is a generic computer response and that’s it!!! FIX IT!!!
  3. LateapexDW do you work for codemasters? Just curious cause you always seem to side with them or defend them. This is an insanely awesome game but it could be a lot better than what it is, I’ve made tons of suggestions and they never get addressed so I came on here and A LOT of other people have the same issues, but you always seem to make an excuse for codemasters.
  4. I used to race the Ferrari for a long time and then I was trying other cars and the Red Bull to me has better steering. I was able to hit corners harder and faster, now maybe that’s all in my head but the times don’t lie👍🏻
  5. I wish codemasters would get rid of the sprint races in the duel mode. First off...that’s not a duel🤷‍♂️ And they put cars directly in your way at the worst times!!! You should be able to do sprint races but not in duel mode unless you want to. Grid start is not the best but at least you deal with cars at the beginning and can get past the early and then have an open track to race
  6. I’ve had plenty of these guys and just try to ram you off the road. It doesn’t seem to happen to me as much anymore but when I first started it happened all the time. I’m up there a bit in levels and r&d now and it seems that there’s less of it at the upper levels. But boy it enrages me when someone does that!!!!
  7. I win roughly 70% of my duels and I can get 80-85k on most tracks but these guys are getting 130-150k points per race🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ How? I’m level 29 they’re 35 but that can’t make that much difference. I wonder if there cheat codes or maybe they’re AI🤷‍♂️
  8. The penalties are ridiculous, in America and Hanoi you barely cut a corner with 2 tires still on the track and you get a 10-15 second corner cut. That’s the end of the race!!!! And besides maybe 1 or 2 corners in the whole game any major corner that you could gain large amounts of time on wouldn’t happen because whenever you go off the track too far it bogs you down worse than the corner cut does.
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