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  1. Good comments @SmokyAtom07. I appreciate that Codies have a tonne of work as it is so tried to stay at least within the realms of possibility & not be completely ridiculous. Of the ones suggested most of them I’d happily live without, if anything having ‘classic’ tracks added into career mode, keeping the ability to run shorter seasons & having team orders are probably the ones I’d like most.
  2. It's probably (ie, definitely) too late to introduce these for F1 2021, but hopefully worth considering for F1 2022 if there's enough support. Apologies if any of these are already on F1 2021, I tend to miss every other game. Podium driver screens after each race. Use official graphics to show the race order & championship standings after each race. 'Classic' tracks. By that I mean circuits that have featured on the calendar in recent years but (probably) won't be on the calendar in 2022 eg. Hockenheim, Sepang, Marina Bay, Istanbul, Portimao. Bring back classic ca
  3. I’ve done a little more troubleshooting on this. Altering the steering calibration, specifically saturation, helps a little but not much. I’ve tried resetting the controller, using it in wired rather than wireless mode. Have also managed to reproduce the issue in single race mode. This seems to be identical to what was posted here by @Seanmc02.
  4. Apologies if this has been reported before, but there is an unusual steering issue on F1 2020. When turning into a slow, tight corner, requiring maximum input from the lever, the steering sometimes behaves unusually. In some instances I can turn in normally, then the steering locks straight, then partially unlocks, using a fraction of what I’m inputting. In other instances it locks straight going into the corner, then partially unlocks, but never fully. When it’s not applying the steering input I’m trying to apply it feels like there’s a steering assist in place, even though that’s tur
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