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  1. Hey mate! I have a racing league on PS4. Ill send the link to you. We race on Saturday(F2) and on Sunday(F1) this could change because we just started. https://discord.gg/jTS9YrXQ
  2. We are a professional league with an F1 and F2 series. F1 races on Saturday and F2 on Sunday. (THIS CAN CHANGE) We also need commentators so if you are interested you can join the discord server with this link: https://discord.gg/9nqAPJFv If you have any friends that are looking for a league, you can always invite them. There is no minimum AI level or time trial time so you dont have to be good 🙂 If you read this come take a look in the discord server. You can always leave if you dont like it!
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