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  1. This is just the name. At least this stage is almost a copy or RL SS Baranowo from 2017's Rally Poland. See https://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/comment/370117#Comment_370117
  2. It's hard for me to say if this imaginary part is completely imaginary or is it part of different stage. I can't recognize this part, although I know stages from Rally Poland pretty well (but in fact this imaginary part is quite short and doesn't include anything unique). What I can say for sure is that IRL when you go straight on that junction before village Baranowo, you hit straight tarmac road. Here's the junction:  https://www.google.com/maps/@53.83315,21.458868,869m/data=!3m1!1e3
  3. Makes perfect sense. IRL this stage was 15.55 km, but in the game it's longer because of imaginary part in the middle of it and the finish line being a few hundred meters further than IRL.
  4. Thanks for the advice. Here it's. Polish stage from yesterday's Show vs. RL SS Baranowo from last year's Rally Poland. https://streamable.com/77mbt
  5. Actually, just the first corner is different. IRL it's left 1 on intersection, in DR 2.0 it's 6 right. All the rest until the junction before Baranowo village (the one Jon crashed at) is the same. On that junction IRL SS takes the route to the right, while in DR 2.0 it goes straight ahead and has about a minute of imaginary road (or part of another RL SS). I will try uploading my video comparison in the evening. YouTube blocks is automatically because of usage of WRC footage.
  6. I have compared Polish stage with RL. It's based on SS11/15 Baranowo from 74th Rally Poland 2017, but it isn't exactly the same. The start is different, the finish is a few hundred meters away and a part before village Baranowo (from ca. 22:37 to 23:17 in the DiRT Show footage) is completely imaginary. Some part of the stage seems to match the RL SS very well, some parts don't (eg. some road signs are missing). The RL WRC car seems to be a little bit faster on straights (which might be WRC vs Peugeot 205 thing), but it's far more slower on middle corners (those 3s and 4s). I've made a movie
  7. @KickUp @ChristinaMc How is it going to work with PC version released on DVD (eg. release in Poland)? Will we be able to connect the game to the Steam account? If yes, will there be a code to download the game from Steam directly instead of juggling ~10 DVDs? Unfortunately, the publisher in Poland does not say anything about Steam and I'm afraid it might not be able to connect it with Steam to get auto updates or access Steam Workshop.
  8. They basically say that the game is very good. Tomasz Kuchar said it's incredible and the car handles the same as his rallycross car. Klaudia Podkalica said that the game is super and realistic. Jakub Brzeziński (former Polish Champion in CMR) didn't say anything about the handling. He was talking about different modes available. Kuba Przygoński was talking mostly about the co-driver (that you need to listen to his calls).
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