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  1. I’m having trouble with my loyalty bonus helmet and car liveries. I own F1 2020 as well and played it in the same account as F1 2021, however I don’t have these bonus liveries available to use. Any tips?
  2. Also , drivers using the special helmet fpr monaco or other races that they use a different helmet, like the saubers in monaco with the britto helmet, or vettel, or perez
  3. I forgot.... 1. In helmet cam, more helmet movement, with the g force. 2. Break or power problems or more mechanical problems 3. Victory lap 4. Maybe crashes in pit stops(not a lot) 5. When an IA car crashes, tow truck removing it and it would be cool to see the driver getting out while u pass behind the safety car. 6. Maybe thermal camera in replays
  4. Everything ausdavid said are brilliant ideas! Please try to doo them all. Also I would like 1. More accidents with IA pilots and i want them to be more agressive. 2. More helmets. Lots of helmets designs, of fifferent countrys and different teams with sponsors. 3. I would also like to meet the fans, and interviews. 4.Also see the drivers without helmet in the podium. 5. I would like more engine failures and tyre punctures. 6. Installation lap. 7. And also when a car crashes and retires, it just dissapears, i would like a tow truck to remove the car. 8. I would a
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