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  1. They don't indeed, even an official ticket they don't respond anymore when it's getting to complicated. Maybe they should hire some people who really know how things work and how to fix it...
  2. I tried opening a ticket, after a reply with the standard problem solvers like check your ISP, check if Windows 10 is up to date etc, I replied with the things I've done so far and what my problem is really about. Since then they are ignoring me, just like here on the forums. I think it's to complicated for them for they just ignore you. A very big **** you Codemasters! Thanks for ignoring my problem for over 3 months now, you guys are amazing... What a waste of my money
  3. Last week I was in the hospital, but here I am again, complaining..... Another friday wasted
  4. Another friday gone by, Codemasters is nowhere to be found. Not here, not in private messages, not on social media. Codemasters just don't care about a problem some guys have with an older game like F1 2020, no they have all men aboard for their F1 2021 problems me thinks.... Hopefully my friends will update to 2021 soon too, so I can kiss F1 2020 goodbye, it's been a fun ride, but when you're only able to play singleplayer races you're done pretty quickly. Thanks again, hope you guys enjoyed my money I wasted...
  5. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!! Oooh hold on, just another week gone by...
  6. Another week, you guys feel like a ghost town, no answers, not here on the forums, not on your facebook page or messenger! Really disappointing you know, I pre ordered F1 2021 which has a lot of issues too. Really enjoyed F1 2020, kinda regret buying F1 2021 and will think more than twice for F1 2022 next year before I'm buying another F1 game
  7. Hi @BarryBL


    I see your active, but I haven't gotten an answer for over 4 weeks on this: 

    I don't wanna sound rude, but it's been a long time now not being able to play online. 

    Could you please respond as to where you guys are on this matter? I'm about to uninstall the game as it has no use anymore if I can't play online.

    Thanks in advance, 



  8. @BarryBL So it's been another week with no update.... I still can't play online. I get it, you guys are busy with 2021 which seems to have a lot of issues, but you can't just ignore this come one. I'm really starting to feel I wasted my money by buying the podium passes and extra coins. Not even a reply when you're tagged
  9. Another week has passed without a reply to last week's reply. I'm not putting any money into F1 2020 anymore without this fixed. I've got F1 2021, but most of my friends are waiting for a deal on Steam before they might buy it, so I'm bound to 2020 to play with friends, and that's on my alt Steam unfortunately.
  10. I was waiting for today, as today it's 2 weeks since last contact. Nope, I still can't play online 😞 I was hoping they would have fixed it by now. I'm forced to play on an alt Steam account, but that's a newly created F1 player account, I don't have all the liveries, outfits, results etc which are on my main account. I think I bought 3 or 4 podium passes and bought some extra pitcouns to buy stuff from the shop too, so I'm really dissapointed because besides the value of the purchase of the game, I invested more money into it. Hoping @BarryBLwill have a satisfying answer soon
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